Introducing the New RDC Aviation Product Development Team Blog

We're pleased to welcome you to this, the inaugural blog from the RDC Aviation product development team!

This is the home of our ideas, experiences and tips from our tech and design worlds. Whether it's helpful code samples, experiences of third party technology, our design thinking or ideas on where technology is heading, we hope everyone in the product development community will find something useful here. 

At RDC, we are using some of the most advanced technologies available to deliver our industry-leading suite of analytics applications: Apex and AirportCharges. We've benefited from the experiences of others to get where we are and form our experienced team of designers and developers. This is our chance to give something back. 

We look forward to serving up a whole host of content over the coming months. Make sure to bookmark this blog and follow our Twitter and LinkedIn channels to keep up with the latest updates!

An Article by Adam Kendall

Adam is RDC's Head of Technology, leading the product design and development team through the process of building world-class aviation software.